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Dedicated to the cause of education, Next Education envisages to make quality technology-based education accessible to all students in the country. In line with this vision, the company has created technology-driven, classroom friendly and learner-centric products as part of their academic solutions programme. The products have ushered in a revolution in K-12 education sector. At present, there are around 10 million students studying in 10,000+ partner School.

Next Education also provides academic support to its partner School in the form of regular teacher trainings to ensure the School are abreast of the latest developments in Next products and are able to use them efficiently. The company also conducts country-wide conferences to introduce new academic concepts like ‘creating participatory learning environments,' ‘a classroom guide on experiential learning' and many more.

Committed to provide customer satisfaction, Next Education ensures fast implementation of its products and has efficient processes to track and monitor each and every customer interaction, service requests and other client requirements.

In continuation of its initiative, Next Education has partnered with School of Global Education, to make 21st century digital technology accessible to its students so they grow up as future-ready learners.